Visit Mandanici, Pagliara and Roccalumera: discover their ancient history, admire the unspoiled landscapes of the valley and the enchanting Ionian coast Dinarini, savor the delicious local produce. We're waiting for you!


Valley Dinarini

Renamed Valley of Olives, for its characterization territorial suitable for the development of olive groves, Valley Dinarini lies at the foot of Peloritani Dinarini along the creek and river Pagliara. La Valle, not yet recognized as a unique district, It can, however, identify the sub-hilly expanse that includes Roccalumera, Mandanici and Pagliara. The three towns are linked, as well as by the successful production of a extra virgin olive oil of high quality, by a common history made by dominations and struggles for control of the territory, particularly coveted by the presence of water and fertile soil of the Fiumara.

The valley offers the visitor the opportunity to travel through time in the green of the olive trees and shrubs. From trips mountain bike or by jeep on Peloritans, the Park Salvatore Quasimodo Roccalumera, Filanda from Ancient Monastery Badia, from the ancient paths of Mandanici the monument of the church of San Sebastiano of Pagliara. From the point of view of local production, the Valley boasts two exceptional products: extra virgin olive oil, defined "Gold Mandanici"And the exclusive Lemon Verdello Roccalumera. There are several proposed routes along the side of the river or in residential areas, places where culture, ambient, Food and wine, sport, They are organized in the name of sustainable tourism for the entire valley.